Saturday, October 5, 2013

Anil Kapoor's 24 ....slow, boring and .... Stupid....

Well Jack Baeur need not worry. Anil Kapoor's Jai Singh cannot hold a candle to the American.

Slicker than usual production values and outdoor shots do not give you 24!

Have watched the first two is no different from Bollywood style action mixed with sentiments. ....with a little more polish. The action is laboured, the sequences sometime verge on the comical. ( he actually gets a confession from his boss by injecting him with some lethal poison which finally is revealed as glucose...  In a gun fight in a cinema hall.....playing hide and seek with shooters,  Kapoor with Anupam Kher in a forgettable cameo, walk in front of the fully lit screen..asking to be shot..and thank fully Kher does get shot!..)

The dialogues are predictable and like in most Bollywood movies....too much of it.  The least they could have done was a smart script.  But maybe I am being unfair, I cannot compare a serial to a movie.

Finally that is what Mr Kapoor has done, make a masala movie in serial style....I am waiting for future episodes where we will see the troubled countenance of Mr Kapoor, in extreme close up with another frame of Tisca chopra....and a running clock in true 24 style, with a slow Pritam number about lost love in the background. ...Bollywood style!

Saturday, April 27, 2013

Mamata for President

Who is the best president we have had so far? C'mon, this one should be easy.... Giani Zail Singh of course.

Just for a moment think if the venerable President Z (puns galore!!) could become a cult figure at a time when even telephones were a luxury and well, for porn you had to go to a video library, what an explosion of fun we would have had if he was the President now, in the age of social networks, and photo and video editing tools!!

He spawned a thousand jokes, the populace hung on to every sighting of his on our black and white news shows.

Unfortunately, he isn't quite around to run for President anymore.

But there is one politician who can fill in if not for anything else but for the sheer entertainment value she provides. Since she has proved a disaster in every other aspect, we should have her in a place where she can do minimum damage. Now which is a high visibility zero impact government post, the President of India.

I propose Mamata for President, Pranab babu , please step down for someone else from your state.

The President's office will become popular like never before and probably never again.

The possibilities are endless. She may declare national emergency because a CPM "harmad" beat up a Trinamool member. She may declare war on Nepal while telling Prachanda "you are the Maoist, you are the leftist cadre".

She will certainly declare President's rule in the Left ruled states of Tripura and Kerala. She will do the same for West Bengal since anyway as TMC chief she is supposed to "rule" West Bengal.

She can always blame India's ills on 35 (actually 34 but she keeps saying 35) years of Left Front rule in Bengal and put the three pointed light (triphala) on all of India's road.

Her greeting visiting state dignitaries can be super fun and will be a hit on live tv. She will champion foreign investments to India by making industrialists sing with her "when no one is with you, walk alone". Kind of ironic because she sang it at a meet to woo industrialists to Bengal.

There can be so many more fun situations, the possibilities are endless!

Saturday, June 2, 2012

And now with my new iPad

Now that I have this brand new gadget, what was it that i wanted it for?
Isn't that the question you have faced many a time?

Tuesday, October 19, 2010


New job, new city….new circus….let’s see if it is a new act!
Yes, changing jobs is pretty much turning over a new page. A fresh start may not necessariy be a good thing when it comes to one's that would imply you have lost what ever distance you had covered...whatever 'edge' one may have gained in the last job.
Somehow I like the parallel of a circus better! And yes, I learnt it from a one of those chain mails on funny out of office messages "I have left to join a new circus".
Taking the analogy further, I guess the question really is whether the new circus is better than the old one. What makes it better ofcourse depends on which lens you chose to to scrutinise a job selection: better pay, larger scale, greater responsibility or 'work life balance'.
Ofcourse all these questions have to blend in the unerlying truth...this was the circus that was willing to take you in for what you asked in return.

Saturday, May 15, 2010

Assembling my own Desktop

For a very long time I have been thinking of assembling a desktop. I never really had a home computer, did not need one.

Wherever I read about assembling a desktop it seemed a really easy thing to do….mostly they would is like putting together a jigsaw puzzle together.

After doing some thorough research on you tube and various technology blogs I was kind of ready…the moment had come. I will have a home computer and I will assemble it. So it is said so let it be done!!!

Well, continuing my research on the net I found this wonderful site of a shop in BangaloreBinwaryworld in Indiranagar BDA complex. The shop appears pretty workman like, does not impress on looks. But their website is mind blowing and in the shop they get all the stuff you need.

Reviewer’s on the net said their prices were the best…I did some prelim checks on eBay and a few other sites and found this to be true.

So on 13th April’10 (14th April was a holiday) I went from office to purchase all the stuff…thanks to the net and BW’s own website I knew exactly what I wanted.

At INR 24,053/- I got all the parts to assemble a Pentium Core 2 Duo, 1GB RAM, 500GB HDD with Logitech webcam, iBall speakers, UPS and Samsung LCD monitor. Within that price I also got a toolkit though I knew only the basic Philips screw driver would be needed.

It took me some 4 hours and a lot of constant cross checking on the net to get there. And I did. Check out the pictures.

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Move over IPL, here comes ILL!!

When was the last time you went to the zoo? Try to remember …you go to the zoo all excited hoping to see a whole lot of wild animals running around.

Imagine the disappointment when all you get to see are animals lazing away showing little signs of life…the tigers, lions, crocodiles, pythons…large intimidating animals playing dead all day.

In this milieu any animal that stirs will immediately attract a huge crowd before its cage. Its 'TRP' shoots up a la Times Now's during its shamelessly biased 'coverage' of Sunanda Pushkar.

Watching the proceedings in our Parliament leaves you with a similar sense of disappointment. Other than the one person speaking, all others pretty much behave like the motionless pythons and crocodiles in the zoo.

You keep watching hoping to catch a rare glimpse of life. If someone shifts his weight from left bum to right, moves his chin from right palm to left, and pick his nose while still keeping his eyes half closed you pretty much know the zoo trip is done for that day.

So imagine my absolute joy when I get to see these highly animated or should I say animalistic displays that in Parliament these past days. From funny man Lallu Yadav to the slumberous Sudip Bandopadhyay to Anantha Kumar.

Truly it was the J&K Assembly that pioneered the whole movement with an inspired show from its members on 9th Apr’10. A cracker of a reality show….it was like going to the zoo and chancing across a Nat Geo moment being played out before you.


Of course all the national TV channels ensure these events get maximum coverage. After all IPL and Mr Lalit Modi have long moved out of our headlines, what choice do our media have?

I do not remember the last time the J&K assembly featured in the national news, do you?

Three cheers for Parliamentary democracy.

I think we have a winning formula here. Let's have the new IPL – call it the Indian Legislators League – ILL in short.

Have a ‘free for all’ show in every session of Parliament. Set aside some time for it…. (we have Zero Hour, call this… Hero Hour?) and allow our MPs to have a go at each other. Hammer and tongs, no holds barred.

You can follow a model similar to IPL where you start with iconic team captains (Sonia, Mamata, Advani, Lalu etc) and bid for the other players. So you can easily trade your team members once in a while. I am sure corporate sponsorship of every kind will be readily available.

If you step back and think the present set up is not very different.

The key advantage the ILL will have over Parliamentary Democracy - this would be transparent and a lot more fun.

Let the leaders we voted to Parliament at least provide us with some entertainment.

With the IPL under a cloud and allegations of match fixing, the time maybe ripe to win over the IPL crowds to our newly formed ILL.

I believe ILL's viewer ship ratings can far outstrip anything that IPL would have seen.

Long live ILL.

Monday, May 3, 2010

Here's to a new beginning

Here's a new resolution --- can't call it a New Year one in the month of May!!!

Either way, I have decided going forward I will be majorly regular in my posts on this blog.

There is a reason....I finally decided to get a home computer!! And on 12th Apr (remember 13th Apr'10- Wednesday was a holiday) I assembled by own desktop.

Yes, I probably would have got a laptop at a similar price, and a desktop for less.....but I would have missed out on the tremendous kick of assembling a computer.

In the next post I shall share some photos of this grand activity.

You will see me more often these days!!

And just to pick up some stray internet traffic to drive up the activity level, I have started this post with a photo of Rakhi Sawant. Yes, it is her!