Saturday, May 15, 2010

Assembling my own Desktop

For a very long time I have been thinking of assembling a desktop. I never really had a home computer, did not need one.

Wherever I read about assembling a desktop it seemed a really easy thing to do….mostly they would is like putting together a jigsaw puzzle together.

After doing some thorough research on you tube and various technology blogs I was kind of ready…the moment had come. I will have a home computer and I will assemble it. So it is said so let it be done!!!

Well, continuing my research on the net I found this wonderful site of a shop in BangaloreBinwaryworld in Indiranagar BDA complex. The shop appears pretty workman like, does not impress on looks. But their website is mind blowing and in the shop they get all the stuff you need.

Reviewer’s on the net said their prices were the best…I did some prelim checks on eBay and a few other sites and found this to be true.

So on 13th April’10 (14th April was a holiday) I went from office to purchase all the stuff…thanks to the net and BW’s own website I knew exactly what I wanted.

At INR 24,053/- I got all the parts to assemble a Pentium Core 2 Duo, 1GB RAM, 500GB HDD with Logitech webcam, iBall speakers, UPS and Samsung LCD monitor. Within that price I also got a toolkit though I knew only the basic Philips screw driver would be needed.

It took me some 4 hours and a lot of constant cross checking on the net to get there. And I did. Check out the pictures.

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