Monday, May 3, 2010

Here's to a new beginning

Here's a new resolution --- can't call it a New Year one in the month of May!!!

Either way, I have decided going forward I will be majorly regular in my posts on this blog.

There is a reason....I finally decided to get a home computer!! And on 12th Apr (remember 13th Apr'10- Wednesday was a holiday) I assembled by own desktop.

Yes, I probably would have got a laptop at a similar price, and a desktop for less.....but I would have missed out on the tremendous kick of assembling a computer.

In the next post I shall share some photos of this grand activity.

You will see me more often these days!!

And just to pick up some stray internet traffic to drive up the activity level, I have started this post with a photo of Rakhi Sawant. Yes, it is her!

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